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History of LHRC Library

The Legal and Human Rights Centre Library was started in the year 2003 a department of Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) which is a private, autonomous, voluntary non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit sharing organization envisioning a just and equitable society. The Library then had few publications of its own and a few books,there were no proper shelves for the books as of current.
In 2004 Legal and Human Rights Centre made a decision to have proper documentation of publications and management system, this decision was after the increase of demand and production of publications from LHRC and partnering organizations.

With the help of the Library in the year 2012 LHRC launched a new Library department at there other branch Legal Aid Clinic which is located at Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam. Furthermore on the same year it then Launched another Library department in Arusha at their new branch.

By 2014 the Library had grown to thrice its size since 2003 and had other department in different parts of the country.On that year the Library had a major role to play in launching a new centre at Mbezi Upepo Avenue which deals specifically with the Constitution of Tanzania.After this success, at large the library had to monitor all its activities and correspondence it now decided to launch a Digital Libarary System on 2015 to monitor its works and improve the service it provides to the society. All the working of this offices are the same as the Head Quaters which is the Library at LHRC. The Library has then bein a source of information for many

Meet the Chief Librarian

Mr. Athanas Sanga.
Chief Librarian, Head Quarters.
Legal and Human Rights Centre
Justice Lugakingira House
Block 44, Plot 508 & 509 Kijitonyama
P.o.Box 75254, Dar es salaam, Tanzania
Email: asanga@humanrights.or.tz

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